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Second: National Election Committee

Article (8):

The NEC shall be tasked with executing the powers stated in Article (5) of the President's Decree No. (3) for 2006. For this, the NEC shall be entrusted with the following tasks:

  • Announcing the list of candidates for each emirate.
  • Issuing a timeline for the elections showing the starting dates of candidacy, the grace period of a candidate's relinquishment, the date of holding elections in each emirate, the grace period for submission of appeals against the elections and the deadline for announcing the election results.
  • Calling for elections in each emirate and fixing the dates in which they are scheduled to be held.
  • Forming electoral sub-committees and determining the scope of their powers.
  • Forming the working teams tasked with implementing the electoral process. The teams shall have the right to appoint representatives or borrow those deemed suitable for this purpose.
  • Approving the proposals submitted by the Election Management Committee with respect to forms, tables, documents and approved seals related to the electoral processes.
  • Approving the voting centre in each emirate based on a recommendation from the Election Management Committee.
  • Approving the recommendations proposed by the Election Management Committee.
  • Announcing the final winners of the elections and taking the necessary procedures for their membership in the FNC.

Article (9):

Without prejudice to the civil and criminal responsibility of the offender, the NEC is tasked with looking into the violations that may hamper the progress of elections or suspend the implementation of the instructions issued in this connection. It shall be empowered to impose the following penalties:

  • Warning an Electoral College member of excluding him/her from the voting lists or from participating as a candidate in the main or by-election elections.
  • Cancelling any of the names mentioned in the voting lists, even after they are finalised.
  • Withdrawing the advertisement and publicity permit granted to the candidate.
  • Imposing the candidate with a fine of no more than AED 5,000.
  • Cancelling the candidature.
  • Cancelling the voting result in the emirate.
  • Compelling the candidate or the voter to hand over to the NEC any amount he/she has received contrary to the official instructions.
  • Compelling the candidate to rectify the violations related to election publicity and address the negative impact arising therefrom at his/her own expense.

Article (10):

The NEC's decisions shall be issued by absolute majority of the present members. In case of equal votes, the chairman's vote will be the deciding factor. To facilitate discharging of its tasks, the NEC chairman may invite any person at his discretion to attend the NEC meetings, but such a person shall not have the right to vote.

Article (11):

The Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs shall assume the role of the Secretariat of the NEC and shall conduct the business of this Committee from the administrative, financial and technical viewpoints.